Zillow Is Wrong.

Zillow Is Wrong.

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Hunter Hampton | Anderson Real Estate Sales | DRE# 01212578

Zillow is a lot like a bad weatherman, it’s wrong more times than right. We’ve all seen the Zillow estimate – or “Zestimate” of what our home’s worth. 


So the real question is can you afford trust Zillow? 


Hey y’all Hunter Hampton here. Chico House Hunter


Hate to be a “hater” – but the answer is NO you cant trust Zillow & let me explain why. They can be grossly inaccurate. They use a unique computer algorithm based on public data.  It’s never once stepped foot in your home, so it can’t account for any unique features or any upgrades you’ve made. 


For example – say you and your neighbor’s home are comparable in terms of square footage and age, but you recently upgraded your kitchen to make it a chef’s dream, but your neighbor is still rocking that 1980’s kitchen – well Zillow’s “Zestimates” for both your homes will likely be similar because Zillow just doesn’t have that knowledge. 


But that doesn’t seem fair right? Zillow even acknowledges it’s lack of accuracy stating their “zestimates” are only within 5% of the accurate value 50.2% of the time!


Wait What?! They are only 5% accurate half the time!


So if you’re wondering what your home is worth – remember Zillow is wrong half the time instead get a comparative market analysis ANIMATED TEXT “Comparative Market Analysis” – or CMA- done on your home by a local professional real estate agent. Then you can make an educated decision on whether or not it is time to sell.


If you’re wondering what your home is worth let me know and and I’ll have it ready for you in jiffy. 


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Happy House Hunting Y’all.

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