Selling Your Million Dollar Property in Chico, CA

Selling Your Million Dollar Property in Chico, CA

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Hunter Hampton | Anderson Real Estate Sales | DRE# 01212578

Looking to sell your million dollar property? In this market, you can sell your $300k-$400k property with your eyes closed. High end properties, however, you can expect to sit on the market unsold for sometimes 3 months, 6 months, or even over a year if not properly marketed.


Hey y’all Hunter Hampton here, Chico House Hunter. 


How are you going to choose the right agent to sell your home? 


Are you going to use a friend? A family member? A referral? Whoever you choose, make sure they know how to properly market your high end home. It’s a completely different sales cycle that most agents are not used to -or- even aware of. Average agents will simply place it on the MLS and on their facebook page and maybe run an ad or two in a local real estate guide. That simply will not get the job done.


Hire a realtor that understands digital marketing. You’ll need to make sure your agent creates a single landing page website specifically for your property. They’ll need to understand SEO, search engine optimization, they should create a PPC campaign online which will drive qualified buyers to these online advertisements & websites for your property. You need a  realtor that uses click funnels, someone that uses high end photos and videos like THIS and knows how get them IMG: Online Marketing in front of people that can afford to purchase your home.


All these strategies combined, with several I didn’t even mention, are what is going to get your million dollar property sold, for the most amount of money, in the shortest period time with the least amount of headaches for you. 


I hope this helps you in choosing the right realtor to sell your million dollar home or property. Happy house hunting y’all! 

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